"Before there were Unions, there was no middle class." - Author Unknown

 Logo Proud is proud of our partnerships with USA companies that operate with Union employees. We understand that for our Union customers, buying a Union made or printed product is important. Your organization does not have to be a Union to purchase union products. There are many different reasons why people choose to buy products that are union-made. Buying union-made helps create jobs in America and rebuild the national economy. Union workers in America work together to keep their rights protected while creating excellent products for all. If you're searching for union-made apparel or promotional products, look no further. Logo Proud offers the highest-quality union-manufactured shirts and promotional products available and the best part is they are manufactured in America by hardworking union members.

Not all products “Made In The USA” are union-made, so let Logo Proud help you find the perfect union-made promotional apparel and products.

Logo Proud specializes in offering the most comprehensive selection of “Made In the USA” products. From apparel to promotional items,  Logo Proud professionals have done extensive research to find manufacturers who are still making high-quality products right here in the USA. We have cultivated relationships with United States manufactures that live up to our standards of product quality and service. Let us help you find just the right product to reward your employees, promote your company or organization and do it with an imprinted item that was Made in the United States of America. 


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