Building Your Brand: "Customized Apparel"

Branding is the strategic and disciplined process of building awareness and creating customer loyalty. Branding is about making sure that your brand is visible at every opportunity and expressing why your chosen market should choose your brand over another. Logo Proud can help in branding your organization with customized apparel that displays your logo and message. 

Building Your Brand:

"Promotional Products"

Your best opportunity to build a brand is by giving back or providing value to the people. They will retweet, like, add to favorites, and talk about you. This leads to a stronger brand, referrals, and growth. Logo Proud can help you find that unique gift or a low-cost promotional

item that will reinforce your brand. 


Logo Proud has over ten (10) years of industry experience in the custom apparel and promotional products industry. We have established long term relationships with reputable suppliers that enables us to offer organizations a large variety of quality products at fair prices.

We are not an internet based, mass-marketing, sales machine. When you partner with us for your promotional programs you will work directly with one of the partners of our company.

We understand that your organization is successful because of the relationships that you have built with the people you serve (customers, employees, members) and we believe that by offering ‘personalized service’ helps us understand your brand, your programs, and your culture.

Logo Proud can keep your name in front of the people that mean the most to you: The People You Serve! And we do this with lower than industry average cost while providing personalized service.

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